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Ina Thomas at Sheila Majid 25 Years Concert

Posted on February 17, 2011

OMG! I never knew that Sheila Majid, famous Malaysian singer, has been singing for 25 years already. Time really flies…
As a new designer, I feel blessed that Pond’s pick my design to be worn by the famous Indonesian presenter, Becky Tumewu. When i did the fitting I’m amaze by her beautiful complexion and also her new figure. I also love how she cut her hair nowadays.
Back to my design. I was really inspired by Pond’s Gold Radiance package. That is why I chose to make a gold dress with a gold coins embellishment. The embellishment on the waist really emphasize the smallest area on her body. The gold studs and and coins on her shoulder makes her face looks glowing.
Ahhh… I just love making the dress for this project… XOXO