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Ina Thomas In Visionare, Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival

Posted on September 18, 2011

Last May, In the annual Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival (JF3) , Visionare, Ina Thomas launch a new collection called BoBo (Bohemian Bourgeois).

This collection is about minimalism and bohemian, mix with something rich and fabulous to create the wow factor.

BoBo women always look the part. She love luxurious and exotic things. She loves anything extravagant but still classy. She is Ina Thomas Woman.. My BoBo…

A Chat With Ardistia Dwiasri

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(Photo: Sommer)

A few months back on Instyle Style Soiree event, JT and me was introduced by Instyle to the awesome Indonesian designer base in New York, Ardistia Dwiasri and her mom, backstage.

We just adore each other collection and we chatted quite a lot… As time goes by, I learn the awesomeness of her design and really love to collaborate with her in the future. Please check her website Wish us luck!!!

Behind Every Woman there’s Always a Great Man

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(Photo: Sommer)

For me, a woman is nothing without the support from her husband, family and friends. That’s why, I feel so blessed to have a husband that’s fully supported me in every single thing that I do. I’m more of a creative person rather than a business minded and that’s perfect, because JT (Jeremy Thomas) is more of a business person. It’s like Yin and Yang…

He’s the one who responsible for everything, a man that always opened my eyes in this fabulous business. He teaches me a lot and I love him so much to do so. He even help me backstage to make sure that everything runs smoothly and after the show he always did an evaluation on every fashion show that we did.

He’s education background really comes in handy; he really knows the strategy in this business. What really works and what’s not! He’s also a really hands on person. Every single business development, promotion, collaboration and cooperation, he did it by himself and the support of Ina Thomas’ team.

As you can see, JT is very talkative (he’s an actor, he should be talkative hahaha…) and the media love him. He always accompanies me in every interview that I do. He really believes that every publicity is a good publicity and he believes that in image building it’s very important. He just loves to share the next big step for Ina Thomas to the Press.

We, at VMT Lifestyle always take things slowly but sure. We don’t want to rush things. We always believe that perfection takes time and therefore, we always make sure that we take things one step at a time and really put our heart and soul in it.

I love you Jimmy… Thank you so much for all of your support. It means the world to me… You are my soul-mate…

Ina Thomas in Raffles Apartment Catalog

Posted on September 11, 2011

1-4. The fitting before the shoot.

5. Dinner shoot

6. Entrance Shoot

7. Lobby Shoot

8. Party shoot

9. Piano Scene

10. The end result looks fab!

Presenting Ina Thomas Collection in Raffles Apartment by Ciputra World.

When i heard the news that my collection will be featured on their catalog, i was thrilled! The apartment it self cost a fortune and really targeting on A++ customer.

My team was there in the 3 days shoot. They started with a fitting to choose the perfect dress for each scene. There were about 5 scenes that they create, the first one is the dinner party, apartment entrance, lobby, party and piano scene.

They’re using 3 women and 3 men in the shoot. Kelly the Indonesian model, Ralina from Russia, Katya from Russia, Ram from India, Sascha from Indonesia, and Michael from UK. The catalog was made by Nuage Interactive and the photographer was Emmo Italiaander from Holland. The team was perfect!

Sabai Morsek In Rock Darling

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Sabai Morsek -Host, Actress

She’s wearing Rock Darling mini purple chiffon dress with chain belt, asymmetric green dress, 3D flower res dress.

Rossa In Ina Thomas

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Rossa – Singer

She’s wearing Ina Thomas custom made mullet dress in fuchsia and green inspired by the Indonesian culture. The dress it self are made from lace, chiffon and Indonesian heritage fabric.