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Will you design a shoe line?

Posted on: December 03, 2013


Hi Ms Ina…
It’s such a great and fabulous collections, I love the colors and it’s looks so luxurious!! What’s your next project for your fashion line? Will you design a shoe line? success for u..!

Helena, 24, Entrepreneur


Hi Helena, thank you so much. I’m glad that you like it…My next project is to officially launch my second line Rock Darling and also re-launching my kaftan collection called Nyai. For the shoe line, actually I’m not really into shoes because for me the quality of Indonesian shoes has not met my standard. But then again, I should never say never hehehe… We just wait and see, if i have the mood for it then i will do it. XOXO

How to take care of boho accessories?

Posted on: December 06, 2012


It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask directly to you. I have quite a lot of boho accessories. But, I don’t know why in just a couple of month it starts to smell like iron. How to take care of it and how to make the smells go away?

Teza Anela Farla, 26, Account Executive


Hi Teza. Taking care an accessory that is made from silver or brass is actually quite easy. I have a solution for you. In the supermarket, you could find a plastic bag that have an air-tight zip on it (usually used for keeping leftover food). Just put one accessory per bag to keep them away from air and each other. The accessories smells like iron because it has been expose to air for quite sometime. If it smells already, you could buy a gold or silver liquid cleaner at your nearest jewelry shop. Simply wipe it with a clothe and Voila! Your accessories looks like new and smells free… XO

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