Ina Thomas in Harmoni SCTV

Posted on March 21, 2011

March 11 2011, A collaboration with the music industry is always amazing. I have been selected by SCTV to glamorize a few singers from a different genre. The Edgy pop singer ‘Astrid’, The Rock singer ‘Dea Idol’, The Dangdut singer ‘Iis Dahlia’, The Pop singer ‘Momo Geisha’. Last but not least, the Presenter herself Agni.

It’s been a wonderful experience. I saw great things on the backstage and i would like to share a few of it. XOXO

1. The presenter, Agni, doing her makeup.
2. Momo Geisha caught daydreaming hahaha….
3. The detail on Dea Idol hair… Luv the braid.
4. Momo Geisha prepare herself before going on stage.
5. Astrid killing time by listening to Ipod and she’s also preparing her voice with it.
6. Preparing the dresses before the big show.

Momo Geisha in Ina Thomas

Posted on March 17, 2011

The Cute Singer, Momo Geisha

March 2011- In Harmoni SCTV, she’s wearing Ina Thomas custom made dress and handmade Ina Thomas gold plated cuff.

Momo says “This is the first time I wear Ina Thomas and I adore it! The color really worked with my skin tone & the design is just marvelous. Simple but luxurious…”

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